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Love for the Nusa Islands!

The Nusa Islands off the coast of Bali are absolutely incredible! We spent a week exploring them and loved the beauty & adventure. If you’re planning a trip, here are a few must dos and some of our tips.   Getting there: We recommend taking the fast boats from the mainland. I suppose they’re more […]

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Dubai on a Layover

When travel gives you lemons, make lemonade! Here is our whirlwind itinerary for our 14 hour layover in Dubai! 9:15am:  Arrive at Terminal 2  *US citizens don’t need a visa, so we breezed through immigration here. Note that this is the budget terminal and there are NO transportation options except Uber. WTF. We still don’t […]

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Luang Prabang Photos

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Cruising on the Yangzi River

Our trip went from warp speed-boat to puttering cruise ship in a matter of steps. Once we boarded the Century River Cruise, things slowed down. Our cabin was luxurious and the buffet meals were plentiful. When the government flooded the Yangzi for the Three Gorges Dam, we learned how millions of Chinese were displaced. The […]

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