Let’s be honest, we came here to eat. And that we did! No need to research the hottest places in town, just walking out of our Airbnb we found dozens of Korean BBQ spots with kimchi galore, outdoor markets with endless street food to sample, and of course the real KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). It is finger lickin’ good!



Visiting the DMZ with North Korea was eery. The US has marched into other countries proclaiming democracy when other economic/political goals were secretly sought. However, with North Korea, it is abundantly clear that the people are being horribly treated and repressed. We can’t believe that this kind of regime can be in power today. But it is. Learning more about what’s happening there and speaking with a defector made it even clearer that something needs to change. It really did make us appreciate the freedom that we have – all the time.

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