Luang Prabang

Truth be told, we came to Laos to kill time before getting to Thailand (Americans get a 30 day visa in Thailand and if we went straight there we would’ve overstayed!). But upon arrival in Luang Prabang, we realized what a treat it was going to be to spend 5 days there. We immediately felt calm in this chilled out town. It’s protected by UNESCO so buildings aren’t bigger than 2 stories and only recently did cars start driving around here. Great food, the most beautiful waterfall we’ve seen yet, and friendly people.


Slow Boat

Who knew that one of our methods of transportation would be by “slow boat?” This is the more economical way to get from Laos to Thailand, but in our opinion, it’s also the more fun way! We left from Luang Prabang on a family owned boat of tourists and locals and set out on the Mekong for 9 hours. We were lucky enough to have a booth with a table so we napped and made sandwiches as we looked out onto the river. We spent the night in Pakbeng and then boarded the boat for another 9 hours to Huay Xai where you can cross the border on a minibus. If you ever make the trip, just get to the boat early! Seating is first come, first serve.


The Gibbon Experience

Our one night adventure with The Gibbon Experience was easily a trip highlight! We were a littttle nervous about ziplining throughout the jungle (with no turning back) but what a thrill it was! We also ziplined right into our own little treehouse and spent the night 150 feet in the air. We felt like kids again! It also may have had

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